About Merijntje

Hi! I’m Merijntje, a Unix engineer from The Hague in The Netherlands. Yes, that’s in Europe. I am a generic geek at heart and I’m in to all the stereotype stuff: computers, Star Trek and science.

My interests in computer science are pointed towards infrastructure (servers and networks) and internet services, like web servers, DNS, mail, etc. You can read tutorials and my views on certain subjects on computers in the IT articles section. I strongly believe system engineering and administration is much more than just configuring stuff, it’s an art to do it right and get the best out of your environment.

Science has always interested me as well, particularly physics and astrophysics. On that end I often read Wikipedia or physics books and am a frequent visitor (and winner) of The Wiki Game. I can wholeheartedly recommend the free Feynman Lectures on Physics website.

Travelling is also one of my passions. I’ve been lucky enough to be able to visit a lot of places, some of which you can see here.